Papaiz Key Lock, Single cylinder w / Thumb Turn - Choose Color

Part Number: 301015
Price: $29.50
Papaiz C-410 Single Keyed Replacement Cylinder,
Cylinder Type: Single Keyed with Thumb turn, two Keys
Thumb Turn Shape: Diamond Shape (Rectangular)
Papaiz Lock Cylinder for Papaiz Storm Doors only
Paipaiz Part # 0 64 09 55
Available Colors: Polished Brass, Brushed/Satin Chrome, Polished Chrome

Length (not including thumbturn): 2-3/16'' (56mm)
Height: 1-1/16'' (27mm)
Screw hole to face: 1-1/16'' (27mm)
Width: 1/2'' (56mm)

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