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Mortise Lock, Multi-Point with concealed rods, Active 60/92 - Marvin

Part Number: 4991637
Price: $110.61

Marvin Ultimate Inswing doors manufactured 1/17/2000 to present.
Active Multi-Point lock body, used with Concealed Rods that screw into top and bottom.
DOES NOT include rods, lock case only. 
American 5 pin cylinder
Handle Spacing: 3-5/8 inch (92mm)
Backset: 2-3/8 inch (60mm) with faceplate (measures 2-5/16 as shown)
Tapered Deadbolt throw 1 inch (25.4mm)
Markings: Patent NO. 6,209,931
Marvin Part Number 05700130

Marvin Related Parts:
40160 - Single point lock, no rods
395040 - Face plate for single point lock

How to Operate Lock:
1. Lift handle to Extend vertical shootbolt rods
2. Turn Key or Thumbturn to extend deadbolt and secure rods in locked position
3. Reverse process to unlock door.

Change Handing:
1. Insert screw driver into slot behind latch
2. Pull down on handing release, latch pops out
3. Rotate latch and push back into lock case
Always check function of lock before closing door

Removal / Installation Note:
1. Remove door from hinges and lay on edge
2. Remove Top and Bottom plastic guides, held in place with Philip head screw
3. Remove rods from top and bottom of door, Unscrew, counter clockwise
4. Remove handle set and faceplate
5. After removing faceplate from door edge, remove screws holding lock

1. Install lock body in door
2. Re-install Lock faceplate and handle set.
3. Test lock after you install in door and before putting the plastic guides in place.
4. If working properly, install plastic guides and try again, Shootbolts should extend 3/4" - 1"
5. Install door back in frame and test lock again before closing door.

You can disconnect the top rod and most of the time pull the bottom rod out with the gearbox.
However, to get it back in the door, the plastic guide in the bottom is a problem, and you will most likely have to remove the guide to get the rod back in the door.

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