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Marvin Sentry 2000 Power Window Operator

Part Number: 55102
Price: See Description

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available

Marvin part # 05570525 Sentry 2000 Power Window and Skylight Electric Operator has been discontinued. 
Replace with 435100005  Truth Sentry 43.51  II WLS Window and Skylight Electric Operator kit

Requires complete replacement, Old and new parts are not compatible.

Open and close your windows or skylights automatically! The Sentry 2000 Power Window System is for casement and awning windows. A low profile design and quiet running motor are two of the exciting and powerful features engineered into this motorized system. No special preparation is required by the window manufacturer, making the Sentry 2000 Power System suitable for on-site installation on new and existing (retrofit) windows. This system can also be hooked up to a thermostat, an electric smoke detector, or even home control or security systems (remote control not included).

*This product is best suited to replace existing electric window motors or components.

*Note: The Sentry 2000 Power Window System is designed to operate any crank operated window or skylight that has a 5/16 input spline that functions properly with a hand crank.

- Power conversion built right into the wall mounted control package which accepts direct connection of 110 VAC power. No transformer is required.
- Safety: Automatic motor reversal has been engineered into the system which is intended to reverse the motor should an obstruction stop the window while closing.
- Capacity: When used on casement windows, the system is designed to work on all windows meeting industry standard load requirements. When used on awning windows, the operator must be installed with a properly sized counter-balance hinge. The system is capable of lifting skylights weighing up to 100 lbs.
- Power: The Sentry 2000 power window system motor is rated at 50 watts.
- Motor dimensions (installed on the casement or awning window operator): 9.875" L x 2.5" H x 2.875" D.

- Sentry 2000 motor unit with cover
- LC II control unit and cover plate
- Installation hardware (mounting bracket for window, mounting bracket for skylight, push on fastener, isolation grommet, screws, screen interlock).
- Rain sensor
- Terminal block
- Strain relief
- Spline adapter and wrench
- Installation instructions
(No wire is included. See wiring diagram on page 17 of Installation Manual for wire requirements).

Priced and sold as a complete package.
Limited to Existing inventory