Marvin Multipoint Sliding Door Lock 3 hooks , 1-3/4 backset - Stainless Steel

Part Number: 40215
Price: $205.00
Marvin multipoint sliding door lock with receptacle for 3 hooks.

Backset: 1-3/4 inch ( 45 mm)
Faceplate Width: 25/32 inch (20mm)
Overall Length: 40-15/16 inch, Radius ends
Hooks: 3 - spaced 16-7/8 inches
Lock Body case: 4-1/8 inches
Lock ends: Round
Priced and sold lock only
**Less expensive version, see part # 40214
This is the lock only, does not include the strike plate on door jamb or handleset trim.
IF you have a Marvin sliding door, their trim is different than others.
Marvin new style and old style trim is not interchangeable without re-drilling holes and new style does not cover marks from old trim - see additional images.
Marvin new style Sliding door Trim - Measurements from top screw hole to bottom is 11-1/4 inch
The only trim that fits this 11-1/4 screw hole pattern is Marvin - If door is not drilled, standard trim will work

Operation of Lock:
This lock uses 3 hooks, the center hook goes into the lock case and pushes the plate back. This allows the thumb turn or key to turn and secure door in locked position.
We recommend that before you close your door to check out the functionality of the lock by inserting a screw driver into the center lock, pushing the plate back and testing the operation of lock.