Marvin Inactive / Dummy Trim for Passive door - PVD Oil Rubbed Bronze

Part Number: 10830322
Price: $448.76

Marvin inactive or dummy trim for hinged passive door

Used by Marvin, but will fit other doors with the same configuration.

Back-plate Length: 10-1/8 inch

Back-plate Width: 1-7/8 inch

Screw Hole Spacing: 7-1/4 inch

Construction Material: Solid Brass

Square Spindle: 5/16 inch x 4-5/16 inch

Color / Finishes: High Performance (PVD) Oil Rubbed Bronze (will not tarnish)

Available Functions:

Active: Keyed on exterior, Thumb turn on interior

Inactive: Levers move so they can operate an inactive lock, No Thumb Turn 

Dummy: Levers do not move, they are fixed and can not operate lock.

The inactive is converted to dummy when required,  by adding a fixing plate to levers ( included with Package)

Priced and sold as a package.

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