Marvin Adjustable Door Hinge, 1993-1996

Part Number: 363998
Price: See Description

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available

Marvin Ultimate Inswing French door adjustable hinge has been Discontinued
This is an all in one Hinge with Vertical and Horizontal adjustment
Years in Use: 1993-1996 Old Style - Discontinued

Color / Finish: Original Colors - Sun Gold or Brushed Chrome
Markings on Hinge 903 / 921
Hinge Height: 4 ¼ inches tall
Hinge Width: 3-3/4 inches  when opened
The dimensions are 4 ¼ tall, 1-¼ wide, and 7/16 thick with a further 5/8 ‘well’ to accommodate the bottom part of the hinge.
Hinge Only, no screws

Note: this Adjustable door hinge was used by Marvin in conjunction with the ESSVE Multipoint-Lock during this same time period.

Marvin Replacement Hinge: was replaced with 1997-2011
363711 Left Hand
363712 Right Hand

HOWEVER, these have also been updated with a newer version in 2012 that had a flat back 

363717 - Left Hand

363718 - Right Hand

The newer version replaces are previous hinges