Hoppe Luxembourg Lockable keyed Handle for Tilt & Turn Windows - Made of Aluminum - Matte Black

Part Number: 2085221
Price: $27.85
HOPPE 099S/U26 Lockable Luxembourg Keyed Handle for Tilt & Turn Windows

Manufacturer: Hoppe
Application: Tilt Turn Window
Model: 099S/U26
Handle Design: Luxembourg
Product Line: DuraPlusĀ®
Material: Cast Aluminum
Finish: Matte Black (F9714M)

Shaft (Spindle) Length:  1-3/16 (30mm)
Spindle Width: 9/32 inch (7mm)
Spacing Between Centers of Screw Holes: 43mm
Handle Length: 136mm

Function: Lockable TBT; Handle functions between the closed and tilted positions freely, meaning that, although unlocking of the cylinder is not necessary, ventilation can occur. In the 90 degree tilted position, a blocking mechanism comes into operation so that turning the handle further to the 180 degree open position is only possible once the cylinder is unlocked by the key

Handle with attached spindle
M5X40mm Screws

Spindle is not removable

This is a special order item that may take up to 10 weeks to process