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Lockmaster Active lock case 35/92-62 HOOKBOLT for Multipoint Lock

Part Number: LM359262H-LC
Price: $125.00

Lockmaster 104 Lock case / Lock body only for Active Multipoint lock.

Application: Replaces lock case only 

Faceplate Width:  NONE, Lock case only

Lock Backset:  1-3/8 inch  (35mm) 

Handle- Cylinder PZ:  Double Spindle,  3-5/8 (92mm) and 2.44 inch (62mm) 

Spindle Diameter: 5/16 inch  (8mm)

Lock Case: Spring Latch and Deadbolt Hook 

Handed: No, Reversible. 

Latch reversal: Undo the screw in the latch to remove. Reverse, reinsert and replace screw.


Product Information

This Lockmaster genuine gearbox features an 8mm double spindle with 62/92mm centres and a 35mm backset. Double spindle gearboxes are unsprung and therefore not suitable for use with unsprung handles.

Your Handle set must have a spring cassette otherwise the handles will droop


Lift handle to lock, Turn Key or cylinder thumb turn to secure

Unlock by turning key or cylinder thumb turn, depress handle to retract latch and deadbolt / hook