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Lockmaster 304 Active lock case 45/92-62 HOOKBOLT for Multipoint Lock

Part Number: LM459262H-LC

Discontinued and no longer available

Discontinued - No longer available, no substitute

16mm Lockmaster 304 Multipoint Lock  (304 is the Lockmaster code for Stainless Steel)

CUSTOMER INFO - 2 year old door W/ Shootbolts

Faceplate Width:   5/8"  (16mm) 

Backset:   1-3/4   (45mm) 

Handle-Cylinder PZ: 3.62 inches (92mm) & 2.44 inches (62mm) 

Spindle / Hub Diameter: 5/16 inch (8mm)

Handle Height: 35-1/8" 

Door Panel: 94-3/4"

Locking Points: Three, 1 Hookbolt & upper and lower Shootbolt  

Cylinder Type: American  ( may have an American cylinder adapter in euro hole )

Optional:  Replace with a shoot bolt version or change backset to 35mm, Contact Office for more information.