Larson Classic View Reversa Screen - Highview Storm Door

Part Number: 660-18
MSRP: $233.75

For Local Pickup Only

Larson Lifestyle Highview Storm Door with Ceramic Frit Grid

Larson storm doors are available to Kansas City customers only due to high cost in shipping. We offer pricing at or below 30% off list price.

Larson MSRP List Price: $233.75
All About Doors & Windows Price: $151.94

Model Number: 660-18Ê
Size: 36 x 81 or 32 x 81Ê
Storm Door Colors: White or BrownÊ
Comes with handle in matching colorÊ

  • Maintenance-free all-metal frame
  • Reversa Screen: Fully-screened window with two moving glass panels that allow for upper or lower ventilationÊ
  • Heavy-duty steel kick plate to maximize door life
  • Reversa-Hinge allows door to be installed on right- or left-handed doors
Reversa Screen all-metal highview door with lever instead of handle available here: 360-18
Reversa Screen all-metal midview door with handle available here: 660-16
Reversa Screen all-metal midview door with lever available here: 360-16