Hoppe Handle Extension, Active / Inactive Trim 3/4" (20mm) - Pure White

Part Number: 638185
Price: $35.70

Hoppe handle extension for active or inactive /passive door handles. Will not work on dummy handles

Application: Active Handles that move up and down.

Overall Length: 1-1/16 inch

Length of Extension to Handle: 3/4 inch (20 mm)

Outer Diameter Width: 15/16 inch (11/16 inch thin and wide outer diameter)

Inner Diameter Width: 9/16 inch

Spindle Diameter: 5/16 inch (8 mm)

Color: Choose from List

Priced and sold each

Important Note:

When Adding an 3/4 inch extension, a longer spindle to connect the levers will be needed.

Standard Spindle for a 1-3/4 inch door is4-7/16 inch (120mm)

If adding 1 extension, a 5-1/2 inch (140mm) spindle will be needed # 517589

If adding 2 extensions, a 6-1/4 inch (160mm) spindle will be needed # 519200

Special Size Extensions: Longer, custom extensions and spindles are special order