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Andersen Right-Hand Split-Arm Sill Hinge, 20" Egress Opening

Part Number: 1361468
Price: $18.90
Andersen right-handed split arm sill (lower) hinge with screws and egress control plate for Andersen 400 Series casement windows manufactured 1966 - present. If the window was manufactured prior to 1981, you must replace both the upper and lower hinges. Fits CW35-CW6 and CX35 with a 20 inch opening.

Handing: Right handed; when viewing window from outside the home, the hinge will be located on the right side. 
Window Opening Size: 20" 
Track length: 11-7/8"

NOTE: These parts require the Hinge Replacement/Conversion Instruction Guide from Andersen. View instruction guide or watch video here. 

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