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Heavy Duty Storm door closer w/ Torsion Spring - Discontinued by Wright

Part Number: 308999
Price: See Description

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available

9/29/2011 NO LONGER AVAILABLE thru Wright storm door hardware
Heavy Duty Storm door closer with Torsion Spring - Used with inswing or outswing doors.
Bracket is Up or down depending on Handing of door
There are 4 tabs coming off round spring cylinder that lock into bracket
After installed, if more tension is needed, loosen carriage bolt and turn spring cylinder and rotate tabs to next set of holes.
May take 2-3 turns to get proper adjustment.
Discontinued - Replace with current style

Replacement Storm door closer options :
308030- Current style with spring
308010- Heavy Duty Tension Bar Closer

Current style is NOT as heavy duty as previous model -
If you have a heavy steel ornamental security door, it requires 2 closers.

If your door is subject to high winds we suggest a safety chain to prevent damage to closer, door or door jamb

For information read: Installing and Adjusting Pneumatic Storm Door Closers.
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Strybuc Industries: 18-51 disc