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HLS7 16mm Active Tongue-Shootbolt Gear, 45/92, Tongue at 24.41 Inch, 25 mm Shootbolt Throw, RH

Part Number: 2716651
Price: $234.50
Hoppe HLS Series 7 (one motion retracts deadbolt with turn of handle)
Active Bottom Gear for Tongue with Shootbolt
Handing: Right Hand
Backset: 1-3/4 inch (45mm )
Deadbolt Throw: 1 inch ( 25.4mm)
Handle Height(HH): 36 inches ( 914mm)
Bottom Tongue Position: 24.41 ( 620mm)
Maximum Cutoff: - Not Available
Number of Screws: 5

This is the bottom 1/2 of MP Lock system -  Top extension is determined by door height and Tongue Position