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HLS7 16mm Active Gear 45/92, RH Shootbolt 25mm

Part Number: 2717179
Price: $234.50
Hoppe HLS 7 Series  M/45/25 914 RE SB 16S 25  Shootbolt
Backset: 45mm
Deadbolt Throw: 25.4mm
Handle Height: 914.4mm
Cutoff: N/A
Screws: 4

Operation of Lock
To Lock door
1. Turn thumb turn to horizontal position or key to locked position
2. Lift handle and deadbolt will extend ( outside is locked )

To Unlock door from Inside
1. Depress Lever,  latch and deadbolt will retract.
Thumbturn rotates back to vertical position automatically

To Unlock door from Outside
1. Insert key and turn
2. Depress lever to open door

This is the bottom 1/2 of MP Lock system - Top extension is determined by door height

Panic Function
This lock has a panic release function for Egress. One side of the lock is always locked, One side has the Panic Function.
The spring latch can be pulled our to reverse.
If panic function is on wrong side of lock, it can be changed - See Note 3 & Directions on Image

Door handing is always determined from the exterior (outside)
When hinges are on the left, the door is a Left  (LH)
When hinges are on the Right, the door is a Right  (RH)
Inswing or outswing does not determine handing.

Proper Alignment
The “half-moon” slot next to the handle hub must have the nub in the 3 o’clock or 9 o’clock position (depending on the side of the gear box you’re on).
If the handle hub doesn't have the nub in the 3 o’clock or 9 o’clock position, the gear will not work.
The handle set, with spring assist, naturally moves this to the proper position when installed in the door.
When out of the door, we have to make sure it is lined up.