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Glazing Bead, Andersen Perma-Shield® Gliding Door, 1" Glass Stiles, PS68 - Terratone

Part Number: 2641140
Price: $85.10
Andersen Perma-Shield patio gliding door glazing bead for 68 sliding door, 72-1/4 length

Application: Vertical Stiles on 68 door with 1 inch glass
Length: 72-1/4 inches, may be cut down for shorter doors
Material: Rigid Vinyl
Color: Terratone
Priced and sold each.

There have been 4 generations of the PSPD 1 inch bead:
1. 1984 to March 1985, Discontinued, no longer available.
2. 1985-1993 - Discontinued
3. 1993-2000 - Discontinued
4. 2000 - Present - Currently used for all profiles with 1 inch glass

Note: If your have a previous version, use current vintage PSPD1 bead for replacement.
** All four beads must be replaced when profiles are not the same.

* NOTE: Currently style has adhesive backing that sticks to the glass, making it look different from older styles. Same part numbers as the 1985 to 1993 series. Andersen uses the same part number for old styles and replacements.