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Giesse Door with Perimeter Lock 35mm backset, 85 PZ

Part Number: 04646000
Price: $51.98

Giesse INOX Mortise lock case for Multipoint Lock used on Terrace or Balcony doors.

Faceplate Width:7/8 inch(22mm)

Faceplate Length: 14-7/8 inch ( 378mm)

Backset:1-3/8 inch (35mm)

Deadbolt Projection: 3/4 inch (20mm)

Handle to Cylinder PZ: 3-5/16 inch (85mm)

Spindle Hub Diameter: 5/16 inch (8mm)

Lock Operation:

Lift handle to Extend deadbolt and additional locking devices.

Use key or thumb turn to secure in locked position.

To Change Handing:

1. Pushin Spring latch, Unlocked Position

2. Insert screw driver in round hole on back of lock case and push latch out.

3. Pull latch out and Rotate.

4. Push spring latch back into lock case

5. Test lock operation before installing

To Connect Lock case to Auxiliary locks

There are connector plates that attached to the top and bottom of gearbox. Held in place with small machine screws, These connectors have a stud post that connects to the upper and lower extensions.

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