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G-U Ferco Electronic Multipoint Lock - Information

Part Number: GU-Ferco-Electronic-Lock

G-U Ferco has a large range of products for most any application, Wood, PVC, Aluminum and Steel Doors.

The self locking Automatic Latchbolt and  Double Latchbolts are available with Panic Functions 

Choose from Motor Driven Self locking Automatic Latchbolts,  Automatic Latchbolts with safe-T-catch, Automatic 4 Double Latchbolts.

The G-U Ferco Electronic lock is also key operated and lock can be operated by the key cylinder, Thumbturn or optional Electric Strikes.

* Can be used with Push / Pull bars or Interior with Lever.

* Locks have a combination of  3 locking points, 4 on taller doors

* Available Backsets:  1-3/4 inch to 2-3/16 inch (45-65mm)  

* Faceplate Width: Standard  5/8 inch (16mm)  

* 8 mm handle shaft


Functions with A-Opener Kit:

* Can be used with optional Key Pad or Finger print Scanner

* A-Opener Servo kit opens the door with only a slight turning of the key 

* Can also, if not using the Servo Kit,  Rotate the exterior key or interior thumb turn two turns to lock and unlock the door. The exterior key or interior thumb turn retracts the latch. The interior lever, when used will also retracts the latch.

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