G-U Unicorn 45/92 Single Point Mortise Lock (SPL) New Breed Key ABOVE Handle - SS

Part Number: 40136
Price: $120.75
G-U New Breed Unicorn 45/92 single point mortise lock (SPL)

Key above handle.
Single point mortise lock body with radius ends.
Will not replace the lock body on multipoint lock units.

Backset: 1-3/4 inch (45 mm) (the only backset for the Unicorn Series)
Faceplate Material: stainless steel
Faceplate Width: 5/8 inch (16 mm)
Faceplate Length: 11 inches (280 mm)
May be stamped with part number 45/92 or 6-29377 (lock case).

Uses an American 5-pin cylinder with flat tailpiece.

Operation of lock:
To open door: Depress Lever.
To lock door: Turn thumb turn or key.
To unlock door: Turn thumb turn or key and then depress lever.

Note: Non-handed latch may be reversed with screw driver. Depress tab and pull latch out, reverse and push back in.

The GU Monolock and Unicorn single point locks are different sizes and function.

Guide to GU / Ferco Single-Point Locks

Priced and sold each.

Helpful Information to Identify a Multipoint Door Lock:
1. Check for manufactures stamp on the lock strip
2. Measure the width of the lock strip
3. Measure the Backset
4. Measure the Center points
5. What locking types are on the strip? (Mushroom, Rollers, Latchbolts, Hook, etc.)
6. How many of those locking types are on the strip?
7. What color is the lock? (Gold, Black, Painted Silver, Stainless Steel, etc.)
8. Is the door UPVC, Aluminium, Composite or Wood?
This product is similar to or the same as the following part numbers in these brands:
Strybuc Industries: 854-10549