G-U Panther New Breed Multipoint Lock Kit with Tongues

Part Number: 4990316
Price: See Description

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available

G-U Panther New Breed multipoint lock kit with tongues has been Discontinued
Easiest Replacement - New Breed Wolverine 45/92 Shootbolt version

G-U PANTHER part # 6-29398-11-08 Information
G-U New Breed (key above handle) Panther 3-point tongue version lock

Handle Height: 35 inches
Backset: 45mm
PZ: 92mm
Handle to Top Tongue: 32.9 inches
Handle to Bottom Tongue: 23 inches
Faceplate Width: 16mm
Finish: Stainless Steel
Lock Body Style: Key Above Handle

This lock is croppable and will fit doors from 73 inches -- 86-1/2 inches

For doors taller than 86-1/2 inches, can purchase top extension 40327, which is 750mm (29-1/2 inches) long and has an additional tongue latch

Additional Information:
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