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G-U Ferco Key Operated Triple Latch Multipoint Lock

Part Number: GU-Ferco-Key-Operated-Info

Simply Close the Door!

As soon as the door is pulled shut, the Automatic latchbolts instantly throw 20mm and are secured to prevent them from being forced back. By turning the key or the knob, the centre deadbolt will be engaged and lock the top and bottom latchbolts to become a 3 deadbolts locking system.

The G-U Ferco key operated lock is gear driven and the Deadlatches are operated by the key cylinder.

* Can be used with Push / Pull bars or Interior with Lever.

* Locks have a combination of  3 locking points, 4 on taller doors.

* Available Backsets: 1-3/4 to 2-9/16 inch (45-65mm), Stocking 1-3/4 inch (45mm) ( Distance door edge to center of key cylinder.)

* Faceplate Width:  5/8 inch (16mm)  ( Flat piece of metal attached to lock that runs on door edge.)

* Rounded faceplate ends accommodates almost any handle heights.

* Fits virtually any door height using applied extensions.

* Standard 5/16 inch (8mm) handle shaft

Standard Function:

* Rotate the exterior key or interior thumb turn two turns to lock and unlock the door. The exterior key or interior thumb turn retracts the latch. The interior lever, when used will also retracts the latch.

Optional Acessories:

* Smart Cylinder, Operated by Bluetooth devices

* DanaPad V3 Bluetooth Companion Key Pad

* Trim Rosettes for Cylinders

* 31-1/2, 47-1/7, 70-7/8 inch Pull Bars, Round and Rectangular

* Belcanto Series Stainless Steel or Black Interior half lever set

Manufacturer's Guide with Additional Information