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Inverted Ribbed Tilt Balance with 31/32" wide shoe, 841 series

Price:$16.88 to $99.85
Part Number: 64841-19
Price:$16.88 to $99.85
Small 7/16" x 7/16" (31/64" x 29/64" actual) Inverted Ribbed Tilt Balance with 31/32" Wide T-Lock Shoe
Used primarily on single hung vinyl windows

T-Lock Shoe Width: 31/32 inch
Channel Balance Width: 31/64 inch
Channel Balance Depth: 29/64 inch
Channel Balance Lengths: 8-44 inches ( on balance )
Channel Balance Weight Codes: A, B, C, D, E, F ( on balance )
Channel Balance Sash Weights: 4-36 pounds
Markings on Channel Balance: BSI + Length and Weight code

1. Measure metal channel length (do not include any attached ends).
2. Check number stamped on metal channel (i.e. 28B, 30C, 33D, Etc.). The numbers are the length of the metal channel balance. The number should match the length of the balance.
3. The letter refers to the weight code. Your balance may be marked with a number and letter like 28B, C, D, etc.
4. If your balance does not have a stamp, you will need to measure the length of the metal channel and weigh your sash.
5. Select the Balance Length and Weight code from list.