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Ferco Three Way Adjustable Hinges, (Box of 3 Hinges) - Choose Options

Part Number: 6-C8072-AZ
Price: $129.00

Three way adjustment hinge that can be used to increase or decrease weather seal pressure on door panel.  

1. Horizontal, Sideways Adjustment - Width   ±2mm 

2. Vertical, Up and down Adjustment - Height  -2mm, +5mm 

3. Compression Adjustment - In and Out   ±2mm 


Additional Information:

-4"x 4" size with round 5/8" corners

-Made for Inswing or Outswing doors

-The adjustment can be done with the door closed removing any adjustment  guesswork

-Stainless Steel

Includes: Flat head screws (10x11/18") with Philips sockets, Black adjustment bushing, and Allen Keys.

Note: These are Non-Stock items, allow 2+ weeks for delivery

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