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Essve Hook Latch 3-Point Multipoint Lock, 81 inch American Cylinder - Discontinued

Part Number: 499051599
Price: See Description

Discontinued and no longer available

Essve multipoint lock with slot for American cylinder. This item is Discontinued, Custom Replacement is available 

Used by Pease, Marvin and others. 

The original ESSVE by Truth was available with an American or European cylinder 

This is the American cylinder version.

ESSVE Information and Measurements:

Type: 3 Point Lock, 2 hooks and dead bolt 

Brand: Essve by Truth

Faceplate Width: 25/32 inch (20 mm) 

Door Size: 8 foot tall doors

Overall Faceplate length: 81 inch (2057 mm) with radius ends. 

Lock Backset: 1-3/4 inch (45 mm)

Handle spacing:  Standard  3-5/8 inches (92mm) 

center of handle to center of bottom hook: 26 inches (660mm)

center of handle to center of Top hook: 46-1/4 inches (1175 mm) 

center of handle to bottom of faceplate: 31 inches (787mm)

center of handle to Top of faceplate : 50 inches. (1270mm)

Available Replacements:

4990618-Kit:  Custom 81 inch Multipoint Lock with squared off ends for single active door

The replacement kit is made to fit the cutout in the door panel, hook placement is slightly different

See Related Products below for link to replacement

Replacement lock requires minor modifications to Install.

Need to modify the locking rails by cutting the metal to length and Mortise groove in the door or mortise to fit new square shape. 

In that process, you will have to chisel out certain areas of the groove so that new door lock railing and the locking mechanism will fit. 

May require enlarging hole in Latch or  hook strike plate 

If you have a double French door, this becomes a little more complicated.

The replacement will work buy may require slightly enlarging the receptacle hole in the passive door.

If the Passive lock fails at a later date, we DO NOT have a replacement at this time.