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Emtek Cylinder Tail Piece Assembly Fits 1 3/4 Inch Door

Part Number: 397011
Price: $5.43
Cylinder tailpiece to convert 1-3/4 inch thick door trim set to fit 2 to 2-1/4 inch thick door
When using standard 1-3/4 inch trim the screws, Spindle and Cylinder tail piece MAY not be long enough.

Installation of Tail Piece:
Cylinder cap screws off for easy replacement.
1. Remove key from cylinder
2. Depress Pin and unscrew cap. The cylinder has a spring loaded pin that needs to be pushed down to unscrew cap, be careful not to lose the spring or pin
3. Switch the existing tail piece with the replacement
4. Place cap back in place, and screw on until the spring loaded pin catches a groove in cap.
5. Depress pin and screw all the way down, then back 2 notches in cap.

Note on tightening down cap.
A. If key turns hard, the cap is to tight.
B. If the key will not come out, the cap is too loose.

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