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Discontinued Old-Style Atrium MP Lock Ferco 528 5-Pt Lock

Part Number: 499047599
Replace with 4990475-KIT

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available

1-Piece Multipoint Lock made by Ferco and used in Atrium doors
Features 5 Locking Points: handle latch, 2 rollers, 2 shootbolts

This is the old-style version of the Ferco 528; this particular style with this configuration of measurements is no longer being manufactured.

Faceplate: 16mm
Overall Length: 77-1/2 inches
Handle to Top Roller (Top Roller Position): 19 inches
Handle to Bottom Roller (Bottom roller Position): 8-3/4 inches
Backset: 1-1/8 inch (28mm)
Spindle: 8mm square
Handle Spacing (Handle to Cylinder): 2-3/4 inches (70mm)

Replace this lock with the new-style Ferco 528, available on our website as part # 4990475-KIT.

Note: If replacing this lock with the new-style Ferco lock, you will need to make some modifications. See replacement article for help.

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