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Diamond back weatherstrip .115 x .590 - Black

Part Number: WSD115590
Price: $1.20
Diamond back weather seal used on the bottom of sliding patio doors and other applications where a metal backing is not needed.

Backing: Diamond
Backing Size: .115 x .115 ( 2.92mmx 2.92mm) 7/64 inch
Overall Height: .590 (15mm) 19/32 inch
Pile Height: .4375 (11.1mm) 7/16 inch
Pile Color: Black
Pile Material: Polypropylene, Mono-filaments with Fin


Diamond or square base skirt weather seals eliminate need for metal backed products
* Totally robust weather seal that uses compacted fibers and unique pile directors to build an extremely durable product
* Extra durable mono-filament fibers blended with regular fibers for maximum resistance to compression
* Fin to promote resiliency and long term protection from the elements
* Solid polypropylene base and “pile directors” provide a rigid backing
* Unique ultrasonic welding assembles the fin, fibers and backing into one integrated, unified assembly that won’t break apart during use