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Daryl, Patiorama 1-1/4 inch Nylon wheel, Glass Door Roller - SE

Part Number: 139995
Replacement Available

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available

Discontinued Daryl, Patiorama 1-1/4 inch nylon wheel glass door roller.
Daryl Patiorama 300 Series and Gold Handle Patio Door Roller assembly can be replaced with # 13042

Dimensions: 1-1/4 inch diameter nylon wheel.
Housing 11/16 inch wide, 3-1/8 long by 1-3/8 or 1-1/2 inches tall.
Roller Assembly: 13042 Replacement housing is 11/16 inch Wide, by 1- 3/8 Inch height.

This item is discontinued and is no longer available - See Notes for Replacement
Daryl Patiorama gold handle - Replace Roller assembly with # 13042 / 13244
Requires minor modification.

Option #1
If housing is in good condition the Daryl Patiorama original 1-1/4 nylon wheel can be replaced with #13212 roller only & #13000 axle.
Some rollers had a 3/16 diameter axle, some 1/4 inch.
When replacing wheel only order #13000 axle assortment.
In some cases requires washers as fillers for width difference.
Option #2
Replace roller assembly with # 13042 1-1/2 inch wheel or 13244 1-1/4 inch wheel
* Remove bottom Rail from door, may need a block of wood to gently tap on rail to separate from vertical stile
* Remove Patiorama roller assembly from bottom rail, usually requires beating out
* Trial fit 13024 roller in bottom rail, should fit snuggly. Measure to located where top screw will go into roller, see additional images
* You will need to drill a hole large enough for a 10/32 screw to fit thru the bottom rail and attach to new roller assembly, as shown in 3rd image
* Install new roller and use a 10/32 screw to secure in place. ( a low profile head screw is best )
* Reinstall Rubber boot over glass and then reinstall bottom rail
* Frame Screw will be replaced with 1/4-20 screw, may be necessary to drill new hole in side vertical side stile.
* The old adjustment screw hole should be in the same place, if necessary, enlarge hole to reach adjustment screw.
* reinstall door on track and adjust rollers as needed.