Daryl, Patiorama 1-1/4 inch Nylon wheel, Glass Door Roller - SE

Part Number: 13995
Price: See Description

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available

Not Available: Daryl Patiorama Gold Handle - Replace with 13042 roller assembly; requires Minor Modification. The Daryl Gold Handle Patiorama door roller assembly is not available. Dimensions: 1-1/4 inch diameter NYLON wheel. Housing 11/16 inch wide, 3-1/8 long by 1-3/8 or 1-1/2 inches tall. 13042 Replacement housing is 11/16 inch Wide, by 1- 3/8 Inch height. If Housing is in good condition Daryl Patiorama Original 1-1/4 nylon wheel can be replaced with 13212 Roller only.