Continuous hinge, 83", Full Mortise, Flush Mount

Part Number: 3658302
Price: $175.00

Continuous hinge, 83 inch Full Surface Limited Frame - Aluminum

This hinge replaces standard and Pivot hinges to add support and can correct out of square openings

The Shipping is a killer on these long items - shipping is expensive, best to understand and get it right



Hinge Type: Full Surface, Limited Frame

Minimum Clearance between Door and Frame: 1/32 inch

Maximum Frame Width: 1-7/16 inch

Maximum Stile Width: 1-21/32 inch

Overall Width: 3-3/16 inch

Available Colors: Aluminum, mill finish (AL) or Duranotic Bronze  (DU)

Available Lengths: 83 inch or 95 inch 

There are several types - 

1. Mortise, Both leaves mount to the inside between door and frame, normally used on wood doors, or doors with minimum clearance for hinge application  

2. Surface mount, both leafs mount to the outside, one to door, one to frame, normally used on aluminum store front doors - check to be sure the frame and door is wide enough.



If the hinge must be cut shorter, cut only one end, using a hacksaw.

The hinge should be in a closed position, either on its side with the cap closest to you or with the cap standing up, so the saw cuts through the cap first.

If you cut off one of the set screw bearings, reinstall it on the hinge.

The hinge must be installed with the cut end on the bottom. This allows any metal chips or shavings to work out after installation.