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Columbia 404 Series Standard Aluminum Storm Window

Part Number: SW404
(816) 221-6543

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Columbia 404 Series Standard aluminum storm windows for wood or metal primary single hung or double hung windows.

Installation Types: Blindstop, Tip to Tip and Overlap installations, made to order.
Anti-Bow Latches (wind checks) 
Interlocking Meeting Rail
Aluminum insect screen material
All Extruded:  Aluminum Master frame and inserts.
All Metal (zinc diecast) corners keys, pivots and finger latches
Fully Weatherstripped: Bulb and FinSeal, Reduces infiltration of air, dust, rain, and noise to a minimum.
Heavy Duty Metal Pivots: Provides continuous smooth operation of the operating insert. Resists breakage.
Extruded Screen Frame: Insures tight fit of screen for insect control. Aluminum screen wire is impervious to insect attack.
Tilt Type Inserts: Top, bottom, and screen inserts are easily cleaned both inside and out by lowering the insert and tilting it to the inside of the house. Inserts may also be removed simply by twisting them slightly to disengage the pivot from its track.
Certified: These windows are tested and certified with Architectural Aluminum Manufacturers Association’s A.N.S.I. American National Standards Institute specification for storm windows.

Colors / Finishes:
Aluminum (Mill / Raw Material)
White (painted)

All storm windows are custom made to exact size (tip-to-tip) 
You tell us what size you want, we will make it that size to the nearest 1/8 inch increment.
Aluminum / Metal window storms are normally installed using a cork tape between the primary and storm window to reduce metal to metal contact.
Wood windows are usually cut back 1/8 to 1/4 inch for blind stop installations depending on application.
Storm windows come standard with an adjustable bottom expander 
Cottage or Oriel style windows are measured from the top down to center of meeting rail. (single hung or double hung window where the top and bottom sash are not the same size, usually 1/3, 2/3 difference)

NOTE: We do not recommend caulking or the use of storm windows for porch enclosures.

PRICING: Storm windows are sold by the united inch. (United Inch = Width + Height) 
Double Track standard size brackets for pricing 
0-65 UI 
66-77 UI
78-88 UI
89-99 UI
100-112 UI
Maximum Size: 54 x 90