C-310-36 Aluminum Basement WINDOW Insert, Dual Pane Glass

Part Number: 103136
Price: $199.95
C-310 aluminum basement window insert with dual pane glass.

Fits standard 31 x 36 inch egress window

The Columbia Series 310 aluminum basement window is a insulated glass basement insert.
Maintenance free, energy efficient.
Easy, 1 minute installation.
Requires no tools for installation; uses high tensile steel spring clips to secure the insert in the opening.

Color: Mill Aluminum finish standard

Fits in buck with 1/8 inch drop-down (see third image)

Comes with removable chain pulls for easy removal for emergency escape purposes.

Standard Sizes
31 x 12-5/8
31 x 16-5/8
31 x 20-5/8
31 x 36-5/8 egress

Priced and sold each.

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