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Ball-Bearing Pocket Door Roller Hardware, 1-inch Wheels

Part Number: 29702
Price: $46.95
Johnson 100PD Series Hardware for \"Job-Site\" Pocket Doors
Used for doors 1-3/8 inch to 1-3/4 inch thick and weighing up to 200 pounds.

2 roller assemblies
2 door guides
Installation screws
Door Bumper

Color: Mill
Wheel Diameter: 1-inch
Wheel Material: Nylon
Mount: Top
Roller Edge Type: Flat

Instructions for installation:
Track must be level and square with Jamb. Door must be sealed on all 6 sides.
1. Attach door plates on top of the door 2" from each edge with lock tabs on same side.
2. Insert roller assemblies into track alternating wheel positions for even weight distribution.
3. Mount door by locating door plate under adjusting bolt of roller and tilting door until bolt will slide into seat of door plate. Repeat with other door plate.
4. Attach guides at bottom of opening and adjust so door is centered in opening.

Track not included.
Priced and sold as a kit.