Awning & Casement Operator Crank Handle, Generic, Pella After Market - Choose Color

Part Number: 9040123
Price: $12.50
Pella After Market, Generic Operator Crank Handle, Traditional New Style

This is not original, it is a Pella Replacement crank handle made in China.

The Aftermarket / Generic Pella Replacement operator crank handle does not fit tight to the cover.
Special 3/8 inch spline fits only Pella Awning & Casement windows.

Colors / Painted Finishes: Copperite, Champagne, or White
(colors and size are not an exact match to Pella - see 5th image)

Spline size: Special 3/8 inch - Pella Only

The Pella special 3/8 inch spline is slightly smaller than Andersen

For use with Pella operator cover 9040201** Please note: the copperite finishes differ slightly on the handles and on the cover. See 5th image.
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