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Atrium MP Lock, GU Tripact Europa 45/92 Active 3-Pt Multipoint Lock, Tongue Version - Discontinued

Part Number: 499031599
Price: See Description

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available

Atrium Discontinued Old Style 3-point Tripact Multipoint Lock - REPLACE with New Style 4990315
Used on Atrium Doors from 1995-2006, this Multipoint lock has been discontinued - it is replaced with a Multi-point Lock Kit
Key Below handle, Tongue Version Multi-point lock

These Measurements are for the Discontinued lock:
Overall Length: 68-3/4 inch, with radius ends.
Handle Height: 31-1/8 inches, from bottom of radius faceplate.
Handle to top of face plate: 38-3/8
Bottom Tongue: 26-3/8 inches
Top Tongue: 33 inches.
Backset: 1-3/4 (45mm)
Handle PZ Spacing: 3-5/8 ( 92mm) center of cylinder / handle
Key Cylinder Hole: Flat Tail piece, standard 5 pin American
Uses standard American version 5 pin cylinder with Flat Tail Piece.
Top of Spring latch to bottom of Deadbolt is 4-1/2 inches.

Replace with Multipoint Lock Kit - Minor Modification may be required.
Please see Article for Comparison and Installation details. (PENDING)

How to Rehand a GU / Ferco Multipoint Lock

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