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What is an Egress Window?

Egress Window Definition

An Egress Window is a large window that is typically used as an additional exit from a residence or place of business in case of emergency. Egress windows fulfill their purpose of keeping buildings safe for their inhabitants, but it also has other benefits that can motivate you to add some of your own!

What Makes a Window an Egress Window?

Egress Windows have many codes and regulations in order to ensure the safety of the buildings that they are installed in. A good baseline that Egress Windows are measured against are if they can fit a fully geared firefighter (with an oxygen tank on their back) through the window. If it can, then it is an Egress Window. If it cannot, then it does not meet regulation and cannot be defined as an Egress Window.

Other Benefits of Egress Windows

Including Egress Windows into your building can not only enhance the safety of your building, it can also give a ton of other benefits to you as the property owner or resident. By placing Egress Windows into available rooms, you can increase the number of bedrooms that your property has which raises the property value.

Additionally, Egress Windows are a great way to let in additional natural light, especially in basements which is where many Egress Windows are typically installed. With Egress Windows, you can open them for additional airflow as well, leading to more open feeling spaces and a more comfortable environment.

How We Can Help

We have parts for all kinds of Egress Windows in case you wanted to repair or replace ones that you currently have. All of our parts are high quality and will ensure that not only will your Egress Window continue keeping you and your family safe, but that it will also provide all of the other amazing benefits that Egress Windows can offer.