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Storm Door Hardware Replacement

Storm Door Hardware Replacement

If you want to change your storm door hardware to something nicer, it may be easier than you think.

Many times door and window parts are interchangeable with little or no modifications.
Its as Simple as 1 2 3

1) Measure the thickness of your storm door from 7/8" to 1-7/8"

2) Determine the type of storm door hardware, either mortise or surface mount (see below).

3) Select the storm door hardware and finish that best suits your storm door and personality.

Mortise Lock:
A mortise lock is one where the lock body is inside the door. The most common brands of storm door hardware are Pado, Papaiz, Emco, Emtek and Wright Hardware Many steel security doors and aluminum storm doors used mortise hardware. The old style polished brass mortise Hardware tarnished, corroded and discolored. The newer storm door hardware that has the PVD No Tarnish, No Corrode, No Discolor finish was not designed the same as the older storm door hardware. Mortise locks are the most intimidating of the storm door hardware to change because they are not an exact match. However, most of the time it only requires drilling a couple of new holes.

First, If you don't care about the new PVD No Tarnish finish on your storm door hardware, then keep it simple. Replace with the same thing you have or a similar storm door hardware set that fits your hole pattern..
Second, If you want the new PVD Finish and don't mind spending a few dollars more, than just follow the simple steps outlined below.

Note: Some brands or types of hardware require longer screws or spindles depending on the thickness of the storm door.

Surface Mount: One Piece Handle Set
The most common thing about older surface mount storm door hardware is the hole pattern. The standard hole pattern is 3 holes spaced 7/8 inch apart or 1-3/4 inches from the top hole to the bottom. Most of the older storm door hardware only had a push button type black or silver handle.

A few storm doors used a 1-1/2" hole pattern on their hardware. Not very common and seemed to be used only on the older push buttom type storm door handles.
Many of the new style lift and lever storm door handles will replace the old ones.
Surface Mount: One Piece Handle Set with Deadbolt
The storm doors from the late 90's used a Polished brass combination handleset with a deabolt that was interconnected with one piece decorative levers and knobs. Most of these had a 3-post screws on the outside hardware. The screw hole sizes and patterns changed from the traditional storm door hardware and the inside used a separated two piece handle and deadbolt. .
With the new century came new storm door hardware. Polished brass handlesets are slowly replaced with Nickel Silver, Pewter, Oil Rubbed Bronze and other finishes. With the change in finishes came a change in styles and the 3-post storm door hardware was replaced with a 4-post. The screw hole patterns changed and are not readily interchangeable. Some of the new finished came with a PVD Lifetime Finish.

Surface Mount: Two Piece Handle Set with Deadbolt
Handle set with a seperate deadbolt. When the storm door hardware set was included as a separate hardware item the deadbolt was mounted above the storm door handle but still had the same 3 hole pattern.
When replacing older hardware with new the placement of the holes is the most important factor.Note: Some brands or types of hardware require longer screws or spindles depending on the thickness of the storm door.