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Five Punch-Packing Home Makeover Projects

Five Punch-Packing Home Makeover Projects

You've got the design bug. We get it. You and a whole lot of the rest of the human population. It's quite clear. The DIY revolution is here, and it is not leaving anytime soon. All of our projects will get you moving (just a little) and thinking creatively. With options that fit all time and money budgets, we can give you a burst of inspiration to get you moving on your DY journey. No need to hire this stuff out!

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  1. Create an Awesome Accent Wall

    • The Classic Version: Use a couple different colors of paint to create a large pattern on one wall of your room. Consider chevrons, zig-zags, polka dots, stripes. Don't be afraid to go bold, as this is one wall, not the whole room.
    • The Budget Version: Pick one wall in your room to paint a different color than the rest. Paint it one solid color. Having troubles deciding on a color? Check out the oops paint rack at your local hardware store--these are returned containers of paint sold at discounted prices.
    • The Renter's Version: Many rental units are not paintable by rule of the landlord. But you don't have to skimp on style and design. Consider dressing up one wall in your room with removable wall decals (Google 'removable wall decals'). These peel-and-stick giant stickers come down easily without ruining the walls (and your deposit).
    • The Splurge Version: Consider a heavy duty permanent wall treatment to create a stunning accent wall in your room. You could install wallpaper, build a brick or wood-paneled wall or even coat the entire thing in chalkboard paint and decorate with messages. Get creative.

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  2. Give the Front Door the Royal Treatment

    • The Classic Version: Don't be afraid to go bold, especially when it comes to your front door--it can add just a pop of color in the right place without coming across as too over-the-top. Additionally, consider simple little changes, like purchasing new house number plaques.
    • The Budget Version: Worried about the cost of paint? Don't be afraid to dig through the oops paint section at your local hardware store. One person's wrong color choice is your new front door color. Remember, you can always re-paint if need-be. So have fun!
    • The Renter's Version: If your landlord won't let you paint, add door decorations--a seasonal wreath (they're not just for winter) or other cool decorations. If nailing decorations to the door is also out of the question, you can try sticky, non-permanent wall hooks to hang decorations on. Alternatively, try sprucing up your curb or hall appeal with a cute doormat and some potted flowers or succulents.
    • The Splurge Version: Get a new door--possibly one with different panels or patterned glass lites. Take things one step further and consider the permanent changes you can make to your front porch to enhance your home's curb appeal. Try adding a porch swing, changing out the railing for your front steps or even adding a front door roof to shelter doorbell-ringers from the rain.

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  3. Shine Up Your Hardware

    • The Classic Version: Return your home to its original glory by restoring older original hardware or bring it into the 21st century by purchasing new. Consider getting new finishes if you buy new hardware--antique finishes and satin nickel are timeless choices that never go out of style. See our selection of knobs and levers.
    • The Budget Version: Spray paint can go a long way--if you hate the finish of your hardware, consider spraying it a different color. While it may need to be resprayed in a few years, the cost is significantly less compared to purchasing all new pieces. You can also consider thrifting vintage pieces.
    • The Renter's Version: Clean and polish your hardware... a little shine goes a long way in making a room look nice. If you're looking for a slightly more dramatic change, just remember, you need to leave the apartment in its original condition. So buy new pieces and just remember to re-install the originals before you move out. Bonus: you'll be able to use your spruced up hardward at your next place. Consider buying a couple extras, though, if there's a chance you could have more cabinets or knobs at your next residence.
    • The Splurge Version: Replace with fancy fixtures of your choice. There are lots of options, especially when it comes to replacement vintage/period hardware. (We sell a bunch of it!) Don't forget about replacing cabinet knobs and kitchen and bathroom fixtures too.

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  4. Acquire Art

    • The Classic Version: Our favorite kind of art is usually personal, and there are a lot of options when it comes to displaying photos these days. Try creating a gallery wall or section of canvas prints. Try different effects, like black and white photos in frames that are painted to match your furniture or walls.
    • The Budget Version: Make it. Do things from Pinterest (you know you've been wanting to break out the hair dryer and crayons to do this cool project). Alternatively, you can spice things up in your home by displaying what you already have. Think along the lines of displaying cotton balls and qtips in glass jars in your bathroom, or hanging your pots and pans on a cool rack in the kitchen.
    • The Renter's Version: If you're concerned about having to spackle the walls when you move, focus on stuff that doesn't need to go on the walls. Big canvases or decorative mirrors can be great alternatives. Or try art for the floor--rugs can bring in a lot of color without disturbing the walls and can travel with you easily to your next place.
    • The Splurge Version: That piece you've been eyeing for a long time? Go get it. Don't be afraid to think big and purchase a piece of art that can become the focus of the room. Remember, art is an investment--it increases in value over time and can be passed down through generations or re-sold.

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  5. Add Finesse to Your Floors

    • The Classic Version: Consider replacing your current flooring with something neutrally-colored that stands strong against stains and can be accented with colorful art and furniture pieces.
    • The Budget Version: If you have a period home (1960s or older) with carpet, investigate what's under the shag. Many, if not most, older homes were built with hardwood floors and carpeted over as the years progressed. Don't have hardwoods underneath your carpet? Look into refinishing cement floors or purchasing second-hand flooring. Renovations are on the rise, and many homeowners are donating the materials they're replacing--check out Habitat for Humanity's ReStore.
    • The Renter's Version: Rugs are your friend, my friend. You can make them, buy them, thrift them, and, when you move, you can take them with you. Or, for a more permanent-looking solution, consider 'floating' flooring--non-adhesive flooring options that can be packed up when you move.
    • The Splurge Version: Check out all your flooring options and replace what you currently have with your favorite. Some of our favorites: cork flooring, distressed wood planks, bamboo, leather tile and painted concrete.

*Bonus Advice: Rearrange!

  • The Classic + Budget + Renter's + Splurge Version: Just try it. Switch the TV and couch. Angle the bed. Move the microwave to the other side of the counter. Put up room dividers and create segments. Rearranging can completely re-orient a room--can make it look bigger, smaller or differently shaped. The best part? Rearranging costs nothing but time and strength, and it's 100% reversible.