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Andersen Oil Rubbed Bronze and Distressed Bronze Finish Details

Many Andersen handles and hardware come in a variety of finishes, including oil rubbed bronze and distressed bronze. Both of these are considered 'living' finishes. When first purchased, these will appear a very dark black or dark brown color. Over time, the top coat of finish wears off with continued use, exposing a lighter bronze color on the areas with the most use while leaving the less-used parts of the hardware the darker color.

The following is taken directly from Andersen's 'Care and Maintenance' guide:

Handling and frequent use create the bronze patina that is the hallmark of the oil-rubbed bronze and distressed bronze finishes. Oil rubbed bronze and distressed bronze are "living finishes" with no protective coating. With use, your hands will polish away the darker material exposing the bronze beneath. The appearance of these finishes will vary depending on usage and environmental conditions.

Occasionally apply light mechanic oil to deepen the color and sheen of the product. Cover metal parts with oil entirely, allow the oil to stand for a few minutes, then gently rub off excess using a clean cloth.