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Andersen Stormwatch 5-Point Lock AP/PA - FWH611 Door

Part Number: 2579775
Price: $266.04
Andersen 5-point Active Lock Mechanism is used on Double active Stormwatch (AP/PA) units.
Single active Stormwatch units use the standard 3-point active lock with numbers on face:
The 3 means 3-point lock, the 5 means 5-point lock.
The 5 point lock has a deadbolt, 2 hooks and shootbolts at top and bottom of door.
Effective Date: March 2003 to Present

To change handing on Andersen locks there is a small hole above the spring latch.
Insert small screw driver and lift up until the latch pops out. Reverse latch and push back in.
Please Check the operation of lock before closing door!

Andersen Stormwatch 5-Point Lock Hardware
2579774 - FWH68 76-1/2Ó door panel
2579775 - FWH611 79-1/4Ó door panel
2579776 - FWH80 92-1/2" door panel 

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