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Andersen Active Multipoint Lock, FWH68 Door - Stainless Steel

Part Number: 2579771
Price: $226.50
2579771 Andersen ACTIVE 3- Point Lock Mechanism.
Frenchwood Hinged Patio Door with locking hooks at top and bottom
Stainless Steel
This 3-point lock fits Andersen 6 foot 8 inch tall Frenchwood Hinged Doors built from 1988 - present.

Overall Length:  76-1/2 inch 
Faceplate Width: 7/8 Inch.
Backset: 2 inch
Handle Spacing (PZ): 4-3/16
Center of Deadbolt to Center of Spring latch: 1-3/8 inch
Handle Height: 36-1/8 inch
Bottom Hook Location: 31-1/8 Inches (center of handle to center of hook)
Top Hook Location: 35-1/2 inches - (center of Handle to center of hook)

Note: Andersen Frenchwood hinged doors have 4 heights
6-8  door panel = 76-7/16 
6-11 door panel = 79-3/8
7-6  door panel = 86-7/16
8-0  door panel = 93-1/2

Most Andersen patio door locks have a 7 digit part number on the face platePlease note: your lock may have more than one number stamped onto it followed by a 3P or 5P, which indicates the number of locking points. If your lock has both 2579771 and 2579774 stamped into the faceplate, please be sure to check whether your lock has shootbolts (locking bolts that go into the floor and the top of the door frame). If it DOES, you need part 2579774

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This Andersen patio door lock is interchangeable with the older zinc dichromate (gold colored) Active Models. 

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To Reverse Latch Handing:
1. Insert small screw driver into round hole between latch and deadbolt.
2. Push down on screw driver to release latch
3. Rotate latch and push back into lock