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Andersen Hook Bolt Receiver - Upper AP/ Lower PA , FWH Door 1993-2003

Part Number: 2579558
Price: $10.77
Andersen Frenchwood Hinged Patio Door Hook Bolt Receiver.
Handed: Yes - Fits upper for Active / Passive (A/P) Doors, Lower Passive / Active (P/A)
Active door is determined from outside, Left to Right.
If the active door is on the left, it is A/P
If the Active door is on the Right, it is P/A
Adjustable: Yes, Insert screw driver in tab and bend in or out as needed for tight fit.

Years in Service: 1993-2003
Faceplate Width: 1-3/16 inch
Faceplate Height: 7-9/16 inch.
Amerock part number: 7055-49 / 7077-4.
Priced and sold each.

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