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Active Handle Set 400 A Series Multi-Point Lock Trim - Right Hand - Choose Color

Part Number: 395173
Price:$141.96 to $212.94
Amesbury keyed hardware for primary active door with multi-point lock.
The lock trim replaces Integrity by Marvin, Milgard, G-U / Ferco, and other American version multi-point locks.

Amesbury 400 A Regency series with curved lever and rounded top escutcheon plate.
Application: Keyed primary door with thumb-turn works with most mulit-point locks.

Handed: Right Hand
Handing is reversible and can be changed.
Levers do not have a set screw. It uses and C-ring (circlip) to hold handle in place.
Handle set uses a spring loaded cassette for added lever action.

Door Thickness: 1-3/4 Inch
Escutcheon Plate: A Style - Rounded Top
Actual Plate Width: 1.26 Inch
Actual Overall Plate Height: 9.65 Inch
Escutcheon Plate Screw Hole Spacing: 8.46 Inch
Handle to Cylinder (PZ): 3.62 Inch or 3-5/8 Inch (92 mm)
Cylinder Type: American with flat tail piece
Keyway: Schlage 5 pin, SC1 key blank
Optional Keyway: Kwikset - Weiser composite keyway
Handle Projection: 2.23 Inch
Handle Clearance: 1.23 Inch
Handle Length: 4.88 inches
Base Material: Zinc (available in brass substrate PVD finish for coastal areas)

Zinc Material Colors:
Wet White
Vision Tan
Mineral Bronze
Dark ORB

Brass Material Finishes:
Brass Plated
Satin Nickel PVD
(PVD is a high performance finish that resists tarnishing and discoloration)

Other Available Functions:
Active - Keyed Outside, Thumb-turn Inside 
Inactive / Passive - No Key, No Thumb-turn, Moving Handles
Dummy - No Key, No Thumb-turn, Fixed Handles

Single Door = 1 Active Keyed
Double French Door = 1 Active Keyed and 1 Inactive or 1 Dummy