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Active Concealed Multi-point lock Rod, 60/92, No Faceplate

Part Number: 4991632
Price: $169.00
Active multipoint lock with Concealed Shootbolt rods at top and bottom of door panel.
Used by several companies including Caradco, Jeldwen and others.

Backset: 2-3/8 inch (60mm)
Standoff: Short, 3/8 Thick Plastic
Coupling Thread: 1/4-20
Faceplate Attached: NO
Faceplate Width: N/A
Faceplate Length: N/A
Faceplate Corners: Radius
Markings: Patent NO. 6,209,931

*** Does Not Fit Marvin Doors ***
Available Backsets: 2-3/8 inches (60mm) (Available in 70mm backset as part #4991635)
Faceplates have either square or radius corners
Does not include the rods, this is the Gear box only
The faceplate is riveted to lock case

1. Lift handle to Extend Rods
2. Turn Key or Thumbturn to extend deadbolt

Change Handing:
1. Insert screw driver into slot behind latch
2. Pull down on handing release, latch pops out
3. Rotate latch and push back into lock case
ALWAYS Check Function of lock before closing door

Installation of 60mm door lock
1. Remove latch covers and door handles from the lock
2. Remove pins from door hinges and remove door
3. Lower door to rest flat or on its side
4. Insert door handle and Raise to extended the latches at top and bottom of door
5. Remove plastic encasement / guide from the top of the door that holds the latch in place
6. Unscrew the latch a remove.
7. Unscrew the door lock on the side of the door releasing the door lock from the door frame
8. Pull out the door lock and then pull up the entire door lock with the pin coming from the bottom
9. Unscrew the latch from the bottom and screw it into the new lock and then reverse the above procedure

NOTE: Lock Removal
The Rods have a guide bracket at top and bottom of door that need to be removed to get rods out. The rods have a Hex shape that allows an extended socket to fit
If you remove the top bracket and top rod the lock body may sometimes be removed with the bottom rod still attached.
may be possible to reinstalled new lock body the same way, with rod attached

How to Rehand an Ashland Multipoint Lock (Marvin Doors)

Rehanding Ashland Multipoint Locks
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