AGB Surface Mount Lock Strike Plate with Dust box

Part Number: 49915002
Price: $25.95
AGB  Surface Mount Lock Strike Plate w/ Dust box  and spacers

Brand: AGB 
Application: Strike Plate 
Air Gap  12mm  0.472 ( uses black plastic spacer )
Axis: 9mm, .354 inch  
Material: Steel
Color: Silver
Markings: 0 056 9504

Thickness: 5/16 inch (8mm)
Width: 11/16
Length: 8-3/8 inch
Screw holes: 6-7/8 inch 
Dust Cover - Black , part number  0 040 9543
Strike Plate, Part Number:   0 056 9504
The Hex / Allen adjustment screw with allow horizontal strike adjustment
2 - Black Spacers to change from 4mm to 12mm thickness for larger gaps

Gap: 12 mm
Axis: 9 mm

Gap is the space between the door and the jamb.
Axis  is the depth of the euro grove so you know if a dust box will fit.
AGB Part Number   W11692.05.01