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62-747 Series Inverted Tilt Channel Balance with #38 Clip Attached

Price: $16.35
Part Number: 62747-38
Price: $16.35

Amesbury 747 Inverted Balance 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch Tilt Channel Balance, used with Republic, Crestline, Beechworth Fiberglass Double Hung windows. Select the Channel Balance Length and Weight code shoe from the assorted sizes.
See instructions below.

Application: Tilt-In Fiberglass or Vinyl windows
Balance Type: "Inverted" Tilt balance, meaning the rope and pulley are located at the top and spring is located at the bottom of the balance. With a 3/4" wide brake shoe attached to the bottom of metal channel
Channel Balance Lengths: 8 inches to 50 inches. Some sizes are special order
Tilt Shoe Width: Special 3/4 inch
Tilt Shoe Note:This balance uses a closed Zinc die cast cam with a wire clip that extends to hold the window in place when tilting window.

1. Measure metal channel length (do not include any attached ends).
2. Check number stamped on metal channel (i.e. 27B, 30D, 33C, Etc.). The numbers are the length of the metal channel balance. The number should match the length of the balance.
3. The letter refers to the weight code. Your balance may be marked with a number and letter like C, D, E, F, etc.
4. If your balance does not have a stamp, you will need to measure the length of the metal channel and weigh your sash.

CLICK HERE to see weight chart with corresponding codes.

Additional Information:
The inverted tilt balance is mounted on the side of the window frame. the window sash fits over the balance and the balance travels with with sash. All that is seen when the window moves up or down is the string that is connected to a clip fastened at the top of the window track.