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3-5/8 x 4 Adjustable Hinge, All in one (V-H) Inswing Door - Choose Color

Part Number: 370001
Price:$29.95 to $34.97
We do not stock the hinge for INSWING doors, can be replaced with the OUTSWING hinge  # 370003

The Outswing hinge has a non-removable pin and can not be taken apart.
Adjustable Door Hinge; all in one Platform; Non-Handed, Steel Base, Satin Nickel PVD Finish
Size: 4 x 3-5/8 inch reversible
The hinges provide for adjustment of a door both vertically and horizontally in the opening.
This can help account for sagging walls and floors, and adjust the gap between the door and frame.
NOTE: Screw hole patterns vary between companies and hinges
Replaces Fuhr, Hoppe, Caradco, Pozzi, Hurd, Bilt Best and other 3-5/8 adjustable hinges

Adjustment: Both Horizontal and Vertical in one hinge
Vertical adjustment in each hinges allows for heavier door panel
Horizontal Adjustment: +/- .156 inch
Horizontal Adjustment: +/- .200 inch
Handed: No; Non-handed design, works on left or right hand doors
Hinge Width: 4.00 inches
Hinge Height 3.62 / 4.00 inches
Sold each - Best if replaced in sets, especially when changing brands.
Adjusts with standard #2 square drive (square drive helps to prevent stripping screw head)
Available for inswing or outswing doors with Non-removable hinge pin
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NOTE: Color / Finish
PVD Finish provides a longer life to the color, prevents tarnish, discoloration and will extend the finish life span to usually10 years or longer. Some times referred to as Lifetime or High Performance Finish.

Start with vertical adjustment,( middle of door ) when door is at correct height, then adjust for horizontal. (top and bottom)
Vertical Adjustment (V):
Turn drive to raise or lower the door panel. Adjust each hinge 1/16" at a time until desired panel adjustment is achieved.
The weight of the door should be spread out on all hinges
Horizontal Adjustment (H):
Turn drive to increase of decrease the reveal of the door.