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24mm Hoppe Key operated MPL, 1-3/4" Backset- 8-0 Door

Part Number: 40005781
Price: $523.31

Hoppe Standard Function, Key operated Multipoint Lock, New for 2019

Available with Standard Spring Latch or Optional Roller Latch

Faceplate Width: 15/16 inch (24mm) 0.945
Backset: 1-3/4 inch (45mm)
Handle Height: 40.2 inch ( 1020mm)
Handle Hub / Shaft: 5/16 inch (8mm) Standard ( 9mm Egress lock)
Panel Height: Doors 85.43-94.49 inch ( 2170-2400mm)
Latch Type: Spring
Material: Stainless Steel

Standard Function
Rotate the exterior key or interior thumb turn, two turns, to lock and unlock the door. The exterior key or interior cylinder thumb knob will retract the latch.

8 mm handle shaft

Egress Function
The interior lever retracts the latch and any extended bolts. Rotate the exterior key or interior thumb knob two turns to lock and unlock the door.

The exterior key or interior thumb knob also retracts the latch.
The interior lever, when used, will retracts all locking points

9 mm handle shaft

Important Installation Notes
A 360° Cylinder is REQUIRED for this lock
You may use this 360° Cylinder - 413232130 - be sure to check that your door thickness works for your selected cylinder before purchasing
You may also purchase a 90° Cylinder but you will need to convert it to a 360° Cylinder before using it with this lock - our 90° Cylinders with our conversion video can be found here

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