20mm Adjustable 45/92 Shootbolt Replacement, Doors 94" - 107.5"

Part Number: 499060021-KIT
Price: $315.00

The GU Multipoint lock with 20mm faceplate has been discontinued.  

This is a Replacement Option.  Please read all information and be sure you understand.

Replacement Hardware for Discontinued Old Style G-U 20/50/92 Shootbolt  # 4990319.

The old style GU Shoot bolt MP lock had a 20mm faceplate, 50mm backset and 35" handle height.

The difference of the 50mm (1.97") and 45mm (1.77") backsets is slightly more than  3/16 inch

The latch and deadbolt of the new style are in different locations; about 1/4 - 3/8 inch difference.

See additional images for comparisons.

The strike will most likely not work as positioned. However, you have several options:

1. Best recommendation - Enlarge holes in strike to accommodate the new latch and deadbolt locations.

2. Move the new lock up 1/2” - 7/16” - Allows the strike to remain in place and bottom shoot bolt is adjustable, so that is not an issue.

This would change the handle height to 35-1/2” and may expose the screw holes from the old trim. Holes can be covered by using the 2” x 12” trim plate (read below about for handle set replacement options).

3. Least recommended - Move strike - Not highly suggested since this leaves marks on jamb and is a problem for vinyl doors.

Amesbury P2000 Replacement Specifications: 

Lock Case:  P2000, American Cylinder version 

Backset:  1-3/4 inch (45mm) 

Faceplate:  25/32 Inch (20mm)  

Faceplate color:  Stainless Steel

Handle Height:  Adjustable to fit 32" to  40" when used with bottom shoot bolt tip

Handle Location:  Key Below Lever

Handle-Cylinder PZ:  3-5/8 inches (92mm)

Deadbolt throw:  1 inch (25.4mm)

Door Panel Height: Fits doors from 94" - 107.5"

Multipoint Lock replacement for single door:

804522948081LA   20mm Gear,  45/92 Adjustable Handle Height (HH)

5670-80-81             20mm  Shootbolt Tip for Top & Bottom (2)

20-2296                  20mm Middle Shootbolt Extension - upper, Adjustable 

To Change Handing / Latch Reversal:

1. Lift Lever to extend deadbolt and pull spring latch out

2. Rotate to correct position

3. Check function of lock before closing door 

Optional Multipoint Lock Hardware Trim - Not included with Lock:

395007 - Traditional Arch Top, Keyed  2 x 12 plate

395009 -  Modern Square top , Keyed  2 x 12 plate

Double doors could be a problem for this trim, no thumb turn on passive side.

Related Door Hardware with 35" handle Height: 

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Kit # 499060020 -  20-2295    20mm Middle SB Extension, Doors  81- 94.5"

Kit # 499060021 -  20-2296    20mm Middle SB Extension, Doors  94" - 107.5"

Contact office if you have double French Doors.