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20mm Custom 20/60/92 Replacement kit for Winkhaus 3-hook, 2-3/8" Backset

Part Number: 499066009-KIT
Price: $360.00

This is a Custom replacement for Winkhaus One Motion Lock (OML) Single Door with 3 hooks. 

The Winkhaus One Motion Lock  has the key above the lever.

Winkhaus OML Top Hooks @ 27.6" & 43"  with Bottom Hook @ 27.2" measured from Handle.

The original door had the key above the lever, this one has the Key below changing the handle height from 36 inches to about 38-1/2 depending on installation

Replacement Specifications for 1-3/4" thick door, Key Below

Mortise Lock Type:  Euro version with Profile cylinder 

Faceplate Width: 25/32 inch (20mm) Slightly more than 3/4 inch 

Mortise Lock Backset: 2-3/8 inch (60mm)

Cylinder Type: Euro Profile ( not included )

Door Thickness: 1-3/4 inch (45mm) Thicker doors require different components

New Handle Height:  changed from 36 inch (914mm) to 38.559 inches (979mm)

Deadbolt Throw: 1 inch (25.4mm)

Lever Position: Replacement has Key Below Lever

Handle to cylinder distance (PZ) : 3-5/8 inch (92mm) 

Bottom Hook position (BH): 30.43 inches (773mm) f

Top Hook Position (TH):  40.472 inches (1028mm)  ( only 1 top hook )  

Note:  Hook position is measured from new handle height of 38.559 to center of hook 

Overall Door Height: Fits doors up to 101.853 inches with 38.559 handle height: 

Installation Note 1: 

The Upper extension is longer than needed and should be cut with hack saw, Reciprocating saws make the metal hot and may cause the metal to change color

When cutting lock face plate for door height and top hook location, you should overlay the new lock with old to get the correct length, In most installations the new and old hooks will fit in same door pocket. Reusing existing hardware may slightly change handle location.

Installation Note 2: 

The upper extension has serrated teeth to add a shootbolt if desired, not included with this configuration. Shootbolt tip available as an option and may not fit all door heights.


To lock door: 

1.  Close Door

2.  Lift the handle to lock door, This extends the deadbolt and hooks

3. Turn thumb turn or Key to secure in locked position

To unlock door: 

1. Turn thumb turn or key to unlocked position 

2.  Push down on lever, open door 

To Change Handing / Latch Reversal for replacement lock

1. Small spring latch (mid-handing latch) must be pushed in to operate lock

2. Lift lever to Extend Deadbolt 

3. Pull spring latch out, Rotate to correct position

4. Check function of lock before closing door

Installation Note: To assemble the top extension to Main Gear box 

The screws that attach the the gear box to extensions have a T-20, Star Drive Head 

The T-20 Torx Star bit screws require 12-13 pounds of torque


* This is a Custom Replacement for 3 hook Winkhaus OML with 3/4" face, 2-3/8 backset, and is NOT an exact replacement, requires some modification.

*  Reuse existing handle set is possible, the spindle will be changed from swivel to solid type. 

*  To cover the marks from existing handle set the lock might need to be raised higher, changing the handle height and leaving a gap at the bottom of extension. This gap may be filled with scrap faceplate material if desired.

* Kit includes, lower gear and upper hook extension, spindle, new strike plate and Installation screws.

* If wanting to change Handle set trim, please notify us BEFORE you order. We suggest the 2 x 12 inch escutcheon plate used with the American version cylinder, 395007 Traditional or 395009 Modern

ANY customer feedback on this Information or lock installation is appreciated.