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31.5 / 60.5 New Style HOPPE Non-Logo 90 Keyed Profile Cylinder Lock, Solid Brass

Part Number: 413160010
Price:$106.38 to $143.87
New style 90 degree HOPPE Keyed profile cylinder with crescent knob.

Used on doors that are 2-1/8 to 3 inches thick.

The new style 90 degree allows homeowner to look at thumb turn and know if door is locked or unlocked.

This cylinder can be converted to a 360 degree cylinder.

Inside Distance = 1-1/4 inch (31.5 mm)
Outside Distance = 2-3/8 inch (60.5 mm)
Overall (inside + outside) = 3-5/8 inches (92 mm)

Installation Instructions:
1. Remove Thumb Turn
2. Insert Aux. Tool and pull down on Release Tab
3. Turn cam and insert into lock.
4. Replace Thumb turn.

Color/Finish Options:
Rustic Umber (F8709)
Oil Rubbed Brass (F79)

Resista no-tarnish finishes:
Polished Brass (F77-R)
Satin Nickel (F42-R)
Brushed Chrome (F41-R)

Note: Some colors may be special order, resulting in longer shipping times.

HOPPE Cylinder Installation and Rekeying